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Pichia pastoris expression

The advantages of Pichia pastoris as an expression system are well known and well known and we know it can perform post-translational modifications like disulphide bridges, and also has the microbial capacity to grow to very high cell densities in inexpensive media.  On the other hand, Pichia pastoris can secrete the recombinant protein into the culture medium, simplifying the recovery of the protein of interest.

At Bioingenium we are one of the global experts in the Pichia pastoris system with more than 100 of proteins in Pichia and 20 scientific papers published. We also have experience in training new Pichia users at our client´s facilities and  in technology transfer for Pichia fermentation.

With extensive experience in the fermentation and purification processes, the company offers flexible and scalable equipment for producing and purifying proteins.

We offer you a collection of proprietary Pichia vectors designed to increase production titers and to simplify the cloning and expression process.

  • High throughput clone screening and
  • More than 1000 clones and the proprietary system based in 20 years of experience.


High yield and low production costs for human proteins
Removable resistance gene markers
Inducible AOX1 and constitutive GAP promoter
Multi-copy vectors
Improved strains by coexpression of chaperones
Fermentation process development

Our services

Our feasibility studies

Gene synthesis and cloning
Test improved strain coexpressing chaperones
Evaluation of alternative promotors (AOX vs GAP)
Screening of hundreds of Pichia clones
Screening of culture conditions to maximise productivity
Analysis by SDS-PAGE and western blot
Purification by affinity chromatography or standard chromatographic techniques

Deliverables: all purified protein from specified culture volume (alternatively, culture supernatant or cells).

Our services

Our protein production in bioreactor

High cell density fermentation in bioreactor
Fermentation volume 5 L, 50 L to 100 L
Analysis by SDS-PAGE and western blot

Deliverables: all purified protein from specified culture volume (alternatively, culture supernatant or cells).

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